Jackie Brown


Jackie was born and raised in Philadelphia. Her Dad was a drummer, and her mother loves to dance. Inspired by her father, Jackie learned to play the drums, performing on stage for the first time in high school. That experience let her know that performing was what she really wanted to do, igniting within her a passion that has stayed with her while learning to play the bass guitar and finally unleashing her powerful singing voice.

She toured in Canada as a singer with the band Something Extra when she was 18. She was the founder, music director, manager, and lead singer for Stylus, Featuring Jackie Brown, performing several shows in the central PA region in 2009 and 2010. Stylus was invited to open for Audio Imagery, a well-known hip-hop group in Pennsylvania.

Jackie Brown (photo by Misty Patcyk)
Jackie Brown
(photo by Misty Patcyk)

Although Jackie performs many kinds of music, her heart is firmly in the early years, and she maintains a collection of over 400 vinyl recordings of classic R&B and soul music, a relationship with music that began with her Dad and continues to this day. Her musical influences include Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Donna Summer, Diana Ross, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, War, and Tower of Power. Her drumming has been influenced by Buddy Miles, Billy Cobham, and her Dad, Thomas Hodge.

Jackie also dances and is a visual artist. She is proficient in many dance styles, but especially the funk moves associated with James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Locking. She won the NAACP Night at the Apollo competition at Penn State in 2009 performing a dance routine based on Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. She had an art piece displayed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art when she was 15, and continues to create art, primarily working with acrylics and oils, often depicting famous musicians.

Jackie is a high-energy performer who really brings songs to life. She can “growl like a man”, then soar to the heights.